FW16 Dreams and Constellations

The Tuxedo is naturally at the heart of the RACIL Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection, this time within a wardrobe that is more personalized than ever.

An escape to Venice and the discovery of rich velvets, fabulous brocades and tassels inspired the fabric choices of this ‘Dreams and Constellations’ collection.
The collection is infused with a joyous sensuality, borrowing freely from the wardrobe of a London dandy magnificent pieces such as the velvet dressing gown, the Dinner jacket and Oxford shape trousers.

Allure, elegance and night-owl glamour are seen through a filter of luminous modernity. Designed with distinctive details for a unique look, wool and velvet are blended together with polish, accented with fringing and belted with a faux negligence that is terribly Parisian. Blazers are worn over bare skin, a sheer blouse as light as a whisper is paired with the slick brilliance of an ankle skimming metallic dress. The constellation print, used inside and outside the garments, sprinkles a little magic over the collection.

Racil plays with clothes. In a sartorial game of hide-and-seek, bold and refined, she ignores convention, relishing the ardent pink of a midnight blue-lined jacket, or the stars and moons of the hypnotically graphic Moonlight print.
With each piece named after a constellation, this is an invitation to party and travel; a feeling expressed by the series of self-portraits by Sonia Sieff, here muse, model and photographer. Herself the embodiment of the contemporary woman, she recreates a week end at the Chiltern Firehouse, lounging, getting ready to go out & going out again. With different colorways, cuts and fabrics, under the eye of the photographer-playing model, Racil’s tuxedos become an agreeable representation of the poetic grammar of contemporary femininity.

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