FW15 Les Smokings – Part One

She orders her breakfast in a dinner jacket. She could be at the Mercer Kitchen in New York or at the patio of the Café de Flore in Paris. No matter where the sun rises or whether she is coming from a night out or a lover’s apartment, she has the same nonchalant attitude. Meet the RACIL girl.
She wears Le Smoking, as imagined by RACIL, rejuvenated and refreshed. Feminine and everyday. Fluttering and modern, it epitomizes a wardrobe that conveys a love of celebration and a sparkling, cosmopolitan soul. Curious and happy, playful but always elegant.

Cut from Saville Row fabrics, the RACIL Dinner jacket has London flair, feels Parisian with its willful insouciance and taste for bemused provocation and evokes New York with its versatility and ability to constantly reinvent itself.
This first collection is the designer’s introduction to her own world of ‘Le Smoking’. Almost monochromatic, it delivers RACIL’s signature looks.
Here the Tuxedo delivers playful femininity and is perfect for any mood, worn with trainers of high heels alike it is always…
Ultra chic when the jacket is worn with a plain T-shirt and denim jeans, Sensual when paired with a flowing dress, Gypset when the pants are wide-legged in a “Bianca Jagger by night” style, Boyish with a “boyfriend” cut and perfectly tailored Palazzo trousers, And Radiant when the jacket puts its party vibe on and shimmers through the night…

The RACIL dinner jacket is a vote for a joyful, changing wardrobe any time of the day or night. All the possibilities are there in cuts that are thoughtful – but “never stiff”, as they say – and made for “a girl who is with it and who really knows what it means to have a taste for life”.

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